We make possible state-of-the-art quality senior living options
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    If your interest is in selling your senior care home, investing in state-of-the –art senior living options, or simply taking a look around – We think you will like what you find. Please contact us. We would like to hear from you.

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  • What We Do

    We buy quality senior housing and create meaningful state-of-the-art senior living options across a continuum of care for boomers and older seniors.

  • What We Do

    At Passage Healthcare we buy, manage, and operate all levels of senior living options, including independent living, assistive living, skilled nursing, memory care, and long-term care facilities.

  • What We Do

    Our successful team of experts know what they are doing and understand senior living options, quality, technology, regulations and profitability.

Deliver real, measurable results, that's what we do best.

Passage Healthcare makes possible state-of-the-art quality senior living options. The baby boomer generation and older adults demand quality and choice in living preferences. Using cutting-edge technology as well as good old fashion communication, we uniquely streamline systems to make providing quality care easy.

Passage Healthcare: Leaders in quality senior living

We Buy

At Passage Healthcare, we purchase good senior living homes and lead them into today’s demanding, ever-changing, technology-enhanced, and compliance-regulated market. We look for homes that have done a good job in caring for the elderly over the years. We lead these businesses from good to great in today’s market. Please contact us. Your hard work is worth transitioning into caring for the emerging senior population.

We Operate

We have an excellent management team. We know what we are doing and we understand senior living options, quality care, technology, regulations and profitability. As leaders in the senior living industry, we dare to think beyond the current senior care paradigm. We acknowledge that ‘boomers and beyond’ look for life-style opportunities that allow them to live out their passions, service providers that support their independence, and a dependable continuum of care that offers support as needed. At Passage Healthcare we operate efficient, effective and ethical cutting-edge systems that inform, guide and support our senior living offerings and services.

Senior Living

Our senior care living options provide access to independent living, assistive living, skilled nursing, memory care, and continuing care. Independent living options provide housing, convenient services, senior friendly surroundings, and increased social opportunities. Assisted living facilities provide 24-hour supervision, assistance, and personalized support services including basic healthcare. Skilled nursing facilities provide services including supervision by a physician and a full-time registered nurse, maintenance of a medical record, nursing care 24-hours a day, dispensing of medications, and a utilization review plan. Memory care units provide 24-hour support and programs which ensure safety and quality of life. Continuing care retirement communities offer a full range of housing choices and services on one campus – from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing.

At Passage Healthcare we provide meaningful, quality senior living options across a continuum of care and supported by cutting edge and state-of-the-art technologies.






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